Anti-Muslim Protestor Throws Crosses At Man Praying By White House

A group of anti-Sharia protesters who planned to counter-protest the planned pro-Sharia rally by Anjem Choudary in front of the White House on Thursday found themselves without an opponent to debate. [Read More]

Sarah Posner has an article on “The Islamophobia Industry,”  at RELIGIONS DISPATCH: in the Agape Press piece, none other than Frank Gaffney — he who thinks the Conservative Political Action Conference has been infiltrated by the Muslim Brotherhood — “says Boykin clearly put his finger on the truth when he said his God is bigger than the god of Islam. The Administration, he says, should not reprimand Boykin for telling the truth.” And Dobson, then still with Focus on the Family, said, “Every conservative Christian would understand the language that General Boykin used to describe what is known as ‘spiritual warfare. . . . His words were consistent with mainstream evangelical beliefs, and he had a right to express them.” Gary Bauer “also wonders how many Christian military officers will now be willing to speak frankly in their own church about spiritual warfare or America’s dependence on God.”

Fortunately, Alban Institute has issued:  “September 11 – A Challenge to Congregations.” Read there, ” The tenth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks comes later this year. There will, no doubt, be much attention paid to this marker in time, and much review of what we have learned and where we now stand. Many of us remember Sunday, September 16, 2001: congregations were packed as we struggled to understand the events of the previous Tuesday. I suspect many of us think that moment passed too quickly; this may be a good time to pick up that thread.”

Today, Juan Cole has posted Hatred against do-gooder American Muslims in Orange County. He includes this video:

See also Tea Party Organizes Islamophobic Hate Rally with Hussein Rashid


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