Shariah Shariah

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OKLAHOMA SHARIAH REFERENDUM: Born and raised in Oklahoma, Sarah Albahadily will wear her headscarf to a Brad Paisley concert and her cowboy boots to mosque. There are two things she says she never misses: Friday prayers and University of Oklahoma football games. But after seven in 10 Oklahoma voters on Tuesday (Nov. 2) approved State Question 755, …[MORE…]

SHARI’AH IS NOT THE LAW:  Before I became Muslim I read this book titled, Islam the Misunderstood Religion. That was almost four decades ago and this matter seems only to have gotten worse. For one thing, there is a lot of brouhaha about Islamic shari’ah. In both contexts of Muslim majority nation-states and minority in Europe and North America, concerns over shari’ah raise high emotions.  [Full commentary.]

Malaysia – gateway to Islamic finance: KUALA LUMPUR – Over the past decade or so, Malaysia has quietly become the leading international player in Islamic finance and its gateway. The government of Malaysia, through its two principal agencies, Bank Negara (the central bank) and the Security Commission, has actively promoted Islamic finance. More specifically, Islamic finance has been given formal prominence in the Financial Sector Master Plan (FSMP) and the Capital Market Master Plan (CMP), which were initiated in Malaysia in 2001.  [Full story…]


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