“Three Cups of Tea”

Greg Mortenson is the co-founder of nonprofit Central Asia Institute www.ikat.org , founder of Pennies For Peace www.penniesforpeace.org , and co-author of the #1 New York Times bestseller Three Cups of Tea www.threecupsoftea.com , and author of the bestsellerStones into Schools www.stonesintoschools.com .  for one of his talks, good if you are lookign for hope) see this on BookTV.

Muslims caught in the middle of debate about them: Aziz H. Poonawalla writes in the Washington Post: I’m a regular listener of NPR. You might call me an NPR junkie, in fact. One of the few complaints I have ever regularly had about the network was the presence of Juan Williams. By now most readers have a pretty good sense of where I fall on the political spectrum!”  {for more….}

CATHOLIC BISHOPS DEMAND ISRAEL END OCCUPATION OF PALESTINIAN LAND: VATICAN CITY — Bishops from the Middle East who were summoned to Rome by the pope demanded Saturday that Israel accept U.N. resolutions calling for an end to its “occupation” of Arab lands.  In a final joint communique, the bishops also told Israel it shouldn’t use the Bible to justify “injustices” against the Palestinians. [For more ….]


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