Dayton Interfaith Trialogue invites you to a very inspiring program this fall season:  

Peacemaking in a World of Violence:  Perspectives from the Abrahamic Faiths

All programs will take place at:

Christ United Methodist Church,  3440 Shroyer Rd.   at 7pm.


Christian perspective:

          Speaker:     Dr. Thomas Boomershine, professor emeritus, United   theological  Seminary

          Date:           Tues.  September 28          Room:         273


Jewish Perspective:

           Speaker:     Rabbi Bernard Barsky, senior rabbi, Beth Abraham synagogue

 Date:           Tues. Oct. 12th            Room:         Rejoice Hall


Muslim Perspective:

Speaker:               Dr. Ramzieh Azmeh, Dayton Mercy Society/Muslim Public Affairs council,

          Date:           Tues. Oct. 26th           Room:         273


Baha’i Perspective and Summarizing Discussion:

 Speaker:               Jim Hagan,      Date:           Tues. Nov. 9th            Room:         Rejoice Hall


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