French “Burqa Ban”

Amina Wadud: Few issues related to Islam and Muslims seem to raise attention levels to the same heights as the topic of Muslim women’s dress. [RELIGION DISPATCHES read more…]

Tikkun is not just for Jews—it is interfaith as well as Jewish. This High Holiday workbook is an invitation to all people to join with the Jewish people in using the period from the evening of Rosh Hashanah (the day of both celebrating the Birthday of the Universe and of remembering who we have been this last year) until nightfall ten full days later on YomKippur (the Day of At-one-ment) to rethink our personal and communal reality and engage with the process of teshuva (returning to our highest selves and turning away from the ways we’ve missed the mark in this past year) as outlined in the pages of this workbook.


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