‘Dude, you have no Koran’

Pepe Escobar writes  in the on-line AsiaTimes: As Islamophobia in the  reaches bonfire of the vanities proportions – involving a composite of talk show hosts, Republican politicians, Tea Party agitators and wacko preachers (see Nobody expects the American Inquisition Asia Times Online, Sept 11, 2010) – concerned citizens across the world should note that the anti-mosque hate festival this past Saturday in front of the proposed site of Cordoba House, the Islamic community center a couple of blocks away from Ground Zero in New York , totally fizzled out; according to ground witnesses, there were way more reporters present than rabid Islamophobes.  Read more….

Schama: Islamphopia recalls anti-Catholic, anti-Jewish American Nativism. Juan Cole watched historian Schama on CNN.  Read Cole and watch Shama …


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