Resources for Compassion

Muslim Americans: A National Portrait.

“You’ve Never Met a Muslim?” Four New Yorkers on what it means to be a Muslim now. On the occasion of the anniversary of 9-11, and in honor of the end of Ramadan, four New York Muslims reflect on piety and patriotism, on sharing classrooms and rituals of community life, on the courage and goodness of New Yorkers, and on the horrific event that has shaped a generation of American Muslim life.

CAIR:  “A Teachable Moment Community Response Guide,” The toolkit  offers guidance, tools and resources to help Muslim communities respond to specific current events such as the end of Ramadan Eid Al-Fitr holiday occurring near Sept. 11, the upcoming “Burn a Koran Day” by the Florida church, the anti-Muslim bigotry generated by the smear campaign against a planned Islamic community center in Manhattan, and the ongoing tension and misunderstanding surrounding the building or expansion of mosques nationwide.


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